I don't like Pandas

A place for me to empty out my head of all the thoughts that have no place in my day to day life.
Bob Geldoff doesn't like Mondays, I don't like Pandas.
Or Bob Geldoff for that matter.
Or Flamingos.
Or Snails...

June 12, 2014 at 10:28am

After careful consideration…

and a great deal of thought, I have decided that if I were God, carbohydrates would be slimming

March 25, 2014 at 9:13am

The creep pleaded not guilty

Now my wife has to go through the ordeal of facing this piece of filth in court along with the 30 or so other victims & tell all what he did to each of them. He either has the most convincing lawyer on the planet or he is seriously deluded.
She has accepted that it is her responsibility to see that he pays his dues but is not looking forward to it so much so that she can’t sleep at night. I am so proud of her.

March 16, 2014 at 10:52am

What am I doing here?

It’s probably time I stated exactly what my purpose is here.

Basically I am a married 30-something year old father of 2 with a few issues that hopefully this blog will assist me in working my way through said issues.

The long & short of it is that life has not quite played out according to the script in the past few years & my ability to cope with everything I have to has pretty much fallen away to nothing & I have become an angry man. A development that I am not happy about & wish very much to change it. I have become angry at the world & have decided to focus that anger at Pandas, because everyone loves Pandas & one person hating on them shouldn’t ruin their day. I started this blog some time ago, but whenever I found the time to sit down & contribute anything to it I ended up surfing porn instead.

The catalyst in me reaching this point was my wife being indecently assaulted by a masseur in our local area last June, roughly a month after birth of our second child.

I remember finding her in the en suite about half an hour after she returned from her massage, called up in a ball on the floor,  crying. When I asked her what was wrong she said that something about the massage felt wrong. She said there was some inappropriate touching  but she might have been overreacting or imagining the whole thing. The longer we talked about the the more she convinced herself that nothing had happened & when I pressed her about going to the police or me going up to the location the massage had taken place she said no, she had overreacted & not to do anything about it, so I let it & we both forgot about it as time wore on.

Until a few weeks ago when my wife stumbled upon the masseuses photo on facebook & a story from a local paper about him facing charges for sexual assault. She freaked out, shoving the laptop from her as if it were trying to kill her & kept repeating “that’s him, that’s him”. She contacted the police & we both had to make a statement, listening to her tell in detail what he did to her made me so angry. She had never told me the details of exactly what had happened on the day, she had been very vague when I asked her what had happened. At one point she was face down on his massage table, crying into the towel & he kept on going like nothing out of the normal was going on.

I was so angry that this creep could do this to my wife & the mother of my children, what gives him the right? Who does he think he is? I was angry with her family who have been less than supportive throughout the whole episode. Mostly I was angry with myself for not going to the police on the day & seeing this monster put behind bars where he deserves to be. She was the victim of another assault when she was young & I promised her that nothing like that would ever happen again while I was around to protect her, I let her down.

When we made our statements at the local police station we learned that he had around 30 victims, my wife was one of the very last, but they have plenty of statements & evidence against this guy & they are very confident of a conviction. He was out on bail by the time we were aware of the case.I commented to the female detective that any male family members of victims got hold of this creep the harshest punishment they should be able to face ought to be cruelty to animals. She told me that cruelty to animals charge would face a harsher penalty than when he was looking at, this stunned me. Apparently all of our politicians & law makers are more concerned with the well being of their caboodle’s than their wives or daughters. What a joke.  

I should mention that she suffered from terrible anxiety before the birth of our first child only 14  months earlier & after the birth of our firstborn (7 weeks premature) she suffered post natal depression so severe that she spent some time in a mother-baby psychiatric unit prior to them both coming home. She was still suffering a mild case when we learned we were pregnant for a second time.

On top of all of this I lost my job last October & have been as yet unable to secure another job, I made use of Government funding to up-skill myself but I haven’t been able to use any of my new qualifications (course finished in February) as there has been some mix up & some of my completed workbooks have been misplaced, sadly I had to hear this from another student & still have had no word from the facility at which I studied.

All of these things have taken a terrible toll on myself & on my young family. 

So basically that is why I have decided started this blog, unbeknownst to all.I have been told that it is best to talk about your feelings but my psychologist stopped returning my calls before Christmas & friends will always tell you what you want to hear. Better to empty me head anon & online, that way if anyone does want to tell me anything I know they are saying what they really think not what they think I might want to hear.

Anyway this is just the tip of the iceberg as far as my issues go, but the tip of the iceberg and the tip gives warning to the dangers hidden underneath. My iceberg has given me similar warning about what might lurk beneath the surface.

February 20, 2014 at 8:30pm

I hate Pandas

I don’t understand the appeal of them, they’re a lazy, slow animal evolved to eat just one source of food & can’t even bring them selves to screw to save their species.

I just can’t respect a creature like that.

They look like Lindsay Lohan or Courtney Love after a 3 month bender (perhaps weightier though).

They probably only act cute because they don’t want us to know that they’re delicious, stupid pandas